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  Therapeutic Visitation with A Child's Voice:

Step 1: Your family is referred to the agency by the court for therapeutic visitation

Step 2: You must provide the agency with court documents regarding therapeutic visitations and the Custodial parent must contact the agency to schedule your child for an intake to establish your child as a client. Parents are not required to become a client of the agency to participate in therapeutic visitations, unless recommended by the intake therapist.

Step 3: The assigned therapist will meet with each parent individually to screen for issues that could impact therapeutic progress, to discuss the process of therapeutic visitations, to review documents and expectations for therapeutic visitations, as well as assess the visiting parent’s readiness to begin therapeutic visits.

Step 4: The assigned therapist will work with the child to assess the child’s readiness for therapeutic visits and conduct any preparation work needed.

Step 5: If appropriate, the parent and/or child may be referred to individual therapy before visits may begin.  The visiting parent may also be recommended to engage/participate in psycho-education prior to visitation beginning.   The Custodial parent may be asked to engage in individual therapy and/or psycho-education if there is suspicion or concern with parental alienation and/or Custodial parent is impeding the therapeutic visitation process.

Step 6:  The agency requires that both the Custodial parent and the visiting parent must attend a mandatory Circle of Security (COS) class prior to therapeutic visitations beginning with the child.  

Step 7:  Therapeutic visitation will begin when therapist deems it is therapeutically appropriate.

*Therapeutic visitation will not begin until the agency has received all court documents.

*You must provide documentation of completion of any court ordered services to the agency prior to therapeutic visitations beginning (ex: certificates of completion for co-parenting classes, anger management, parenting class, etc).

*If your case does not have an assigned court clinician or GAL, the agency will assess your case for appropriateness of services within our agency and will utilize its discretion to accept your case or refer you to another agency for therapeutic visitations.